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T-buds Tea List

choose a tea to accompany your high tea sandwiches & scones, individually packed Afternoon tea boxes or tiffin tea or to just enjoy a great cup of tea!

Black Teas


black tea is the most consumed and popular of all teas due to its bold strong flavours.

it can be taken with milk, cream or blended with other interesting flavours.

black teas are 100% oxidised. in addition to possessing antioxidant properties, they also have unique enzymes that promote alertness and energy. they have similar amounts of caffeine as green or white teas and can be stored for a longer period of time.

black teas in general pair very well with savoury foods or dark meats and when blended with other flavours can also enhance the taste of other dishes.

puerh teas: pu'erh (also pu'er) is one of the most unusual teas. this tea is different in processing, storage, and taste from any other tea. because of its rarity and unique characteristics, pu'erhs have a connoisseur following like few other teas. it is also the only tea that is actually fermented and not just oxidized. It has an earthy, woodsy aroma, like a damp forest after the rain, with flavors reminiscent of mushrooms, earthy herbs, leather and hay. pairs great with dark chocolate and grilled and barbecued meats.

Tea & Food

 tippy assam malt


mellow and malty flavoured tea from one of the best indian tea growing regions. steeps to a bright viscous coppery liquor that can be taken straight or with milk.

ceylon spring valley


full body FBOP special grade ceylon tea from the famed uva region of sri lanka.

a full bodied and strong cup from the mid mountain valleys where warm sunshine following tropical monsoons with cold nights produce this wonderful flush.

ideal with milk.

organic earl grey de la creme buds

subtle yet distinct flavour of bergamot paired with caramel and vanilla to create a silky smooth blend that will flow over your palate with a warm creamy texture.

lychee rose


deliciously sweet, smooth and cooling tea with a floral hint of rose to create a refreshing brew, the sweetness of lychees will awaken your taste.

vanilla delight


an aromatic blend with real madagascar vanilla.



one of the top ten world famous chinese teas with a winey fruity depth and complexity.

ginger peach


a black tea with a burst of ginger and mellowed with peach and spicy afternotes.

a perennial favourite that brings the bite of ginger with a fruity base note to wrap the palate with its fuzzy zing.

masala chai


flavours of exotic spices burst in your mouth in a multitude of flavours, like a well choreographed indian dance! creamy, sweet and spicy when prepared traditionally with milk.

 earl grey


this tea brings a robust aroma of bergamot oil extracted from the finest south Italian citrus. a classic british tea, excellent as both a morning cuppa and as an evening pick-me-up.

english breakfast


a rich ruby red liquor of medium astringency with a light fruity balance. a rejuvenating morning cup from fine black orange pekoe grade teas blended from the tea gardens of ceylon and assam. blends well with milk.

darjeeling summer


truly unique and uplifting muscatel aroma and flavour, with high sweet notes and a smooth taste that lingers on your taste buds and memory! these leaves are picked in the second flush which gives it its rich and mature character.

ceylon mountain valley buds

a full bodied and flavour laden fine ceylon orange pekoe

grade tea from the higher elevation regions that produces a refreshing cup that is both brisk and aromatic with a sweet and smooth golden -reddish liquor.

mango pineapple


a delicately blended black tea with a delightful mango and pineapple punch to give a tropical fruity flavour that is reminiscent of carefree days in the sun.

emperor puerh


unique tea, aged to bring out its rich muskiness with a deep mellow sweet taste.

a dark, earthy tea that has numerous health benefits including a strong detoxifying effect.

puerh cocoa caramel


rich taste of dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and caramel in a musky liquor creates a smooth velvety texture that will wrap your palate with a double dose of antioxidants.


Tea & food

green tea is often lauded for the many amazing health benefits that it touts.

however, in asia, the birthplace of tea, green tea is widely enjoyed not only for medicinal effects, but also for the many dimensions of flavor that can be experienced through the different varieties.


types of green tea vary significantly, depending on the steps taken during production.

however, it is the application of heat, either by steaming or pan-firing, which prevents the leaves from oxidizing and becoming oolong or black tea.

jasmine buds

premium green tea scented with jasmine to create a heady fragrant aroma yet delicate and sublime!

dragon well buds

famed chinese green tea with a clean,well balanced vegetal aroma with a buttery- toasty finish.

these flat green leaves have a pronounced mellow-sweet taste with chestnut overtones.

genmaicha buds

bright golden liquor with a slightly savoury and nutty flavour, this popular green tea blended with toasted and popped rice kernels is a medium bodied blend with a fragrant sweet nose.

imperial spring buds

this tea infuses a bright emerald green jade liquor with soft sweet lingering notes and is one of the top ten world-famous teas.

sencha special


a classic japanese tea with a light yellow golden infusion and a delicate sweet fresh green taste of spring. a popular green tea for any time because of its unique yet complex grassy sweetness.

precious dew gyokuro


literally named 'precious dew' this exotic chlorophyll enriched green tea has a deep rich green colour. the infusion is clear bright green and the aroma sweet, mild, and grassy with loads of antioxidants.

spring melody


a refreshing sencha green tea with a burst of papaya and strawberry to create a fruity symphony with high notes of exotic pineapple.

organic saharan mint


tingling and awakening blend of jasmine tea with peppermint leaves and cardamom. a twist on the classical moroccan mint with a bolder aroma and flavor.


oolong teas fall between green and black teas on

the oxidation scale.

while this may seem an insignificant variable, it yields a dizzying array of tea styles and flavors.


oolong teas vary greatly not only in taste, but in preparation time.


darker oolongs (highly oxidized) generally need hotter water, or even boiling, to get the leaves to open up and release their oils.


greener oolongs (lightly oxidized) can take water just above green tea brewing - around 85 - 95'C. oolong teas are very versatile and pair well with a wide variety of dishes.

Food & Tea

milky way


unique oolong from china with high milky notes mingling with impeccable floral hints to give a long smooth lingering finish.

organic tie kwan yin


this low oxidised is literally translated as "iron goddess of mercy". it has a sweet, floral aroma and a light, smooth, delicate flavour.

formosa amber


exquisitely smooth amber liquor with loads of character! elegant in texture with a sweet-toasty aftertaste. top notes of orchid with honey accents and a deep fragrant aroma. this tea comes from the famed wuyi mountain region of china.

imperial jade


wildly exotic flavour bursts of orchid in a medium to high oxidized premium tea. arguably one of the best oolongs in the world!

White Teas


white teas are the least processed of all teas and retain their natural raw flavour.


white tea production is actually quite simple. the freshly plucked leaves are spread out and allowed to wither until they're completely dry.


most green teas have a distinctive 'grassy' or 'vegetal' taste to them, but white tea typically does not. the flavor is described as light, sweet and delicately floral.


white teas are blended with delicate flavors and pair well with desserts or vegetarian dishes.

silver dew


white tea with high levels of antioxidants made up of unfurled tea buds that have haunting rustic notes with a fresh lingering sweetness.

peony buds

also known as 'pai-mu-tan' tea from china,with a pronounced nutty and light floral finish.



a delightful piquant white tea blended  with rose for a refreshing floral aroma mingling with minty sweetness.

berry buds

a potent combination of white tea and high energy berries including  blueberries & cranberries.

scarlett champagne


fine white silver needle tea with a piquant champagne flavour to create an exquisite brew that can be steeped hot or made as an iced tea. scintillating notes of bubbly champagne!

roobios pronounced (roy-bos) comes from a bush plant in south africa. naturally caffeine free, it also contains  anti-oxidants.


rooibos is harvested in the summer.

green rooibos is simply dried and packaged.


the far more common and popular red rooibos that gives this tea it's name, is simply the oxidized version of the leaf.


the  flavour is slightly earthy, woody, creamy and  sweet. since rooibos teas are naturally sweet, they tend to pair well with light savoury dishes as well as sharp cheeses.


choco mint


dramatic mint notes amidst chocolate smoothness tempered with spice and rooibos. a great after dinner favourite, caffeine free and with a palate cleansing finish.



this perennial favourite is a rooibos that captures the romance of the french riviera and is packed with berry and floral notes including lavender.

sweet spice shop buds

a tantalizing blend of spice and tropical fruits! this nutty rooibos brew has flavours of cinnamon, papaya, coconut, vanilla, as well as other exotic ingredients.

bourbon vanilla


a naturally sweet blend of vanilla and rooibos that is soothingly delightful and totally refreshing. a creamy caffeine free drink.

cape spice chai


for the caffeine-free chai lover, this tissane will tantalize your taste buds with its well balanced spice kick. blended with almond,coconut and vanilla to create a smooth amber liquor.


cranberry apple buds

a delightful profusion of cranberry and apple with a citrusy blast to make up a great summer thirst quencher.

orange citrus buds

a refreshing beverage with high notes of hibiscus and orange. it evokes visions of sun, beach & splashing water!

mango lemon buds

exciting blend of tropical mango and zesty lemon to bring out a refreshing drink to charge every sip with pure fun!



this whole flower chamomile is widely known for calming and  relaxing properties. it also helps greatly with digestion and to calm an upset stomach. a well tested and proven 'comfort' tea that soothes and calms.


a relaxing drink with intense aroma, and a sweet refreshing flavour.  it is also known to help with digestion and smoothes upset stomachs.


a lovely deep red infusion similar to grenadine with a tart lemonade taste and top notes of sour cherry. a proven wellness blend with a high vitamin C content.


pure ginger and/or lemon infusion for a sip of natural freshness.

raspberry leaves

a natural blend of raspberry leaves and rosehips.

rich in vitamins and minerals.


unique blends of traditional and ayurvedic herbs formulated in consultation

with naturopathic, ayurvedic &

holistic  professionals


a collection of potent yet gentle herbal functional blends designed to enhance wellness in both mind & body

Functional Herbals


a universal pick-me-up. contains ginseng, ashwaganda,

gotu kola and tulsi.


a soothing chamomile blend with orange peel, rose hips,

peppermint and licorice.


an ancient and time-tested herbal blend with echinacea, ginger, cranberries, tulsi and camomile to provide relief from seasonal symptoms.


a truly potent but gentle body cleanser. a great detox tea. contains dandelion, lemongrass, ginger, licorice, burdock, rose petals and tulsi.


bring back the spring into your life! contains hibiscus, tulsi, hawthorne leaf, dandelion root and leaf, cinnamon & linden flowers.


to achieve a ‘mellow’ state, helping the body to recharge.

contains valerian, lemon balm, chamomile,

passion flower and licorice root.


a comforting blend of ginger, chamomile, peppermint and catnip.


a herbal blend of nettleleaf, dandelion leaf, rose hips and oatstraw as a natural fortifier


a blend of shatavari, raspberry leaf, nettle, fenugreek and

rooibos for a closer mother-baby experience.

sweet dreams

a delicious deep blend of chamomile, hibiscus, lemon grass, rosehips and valerian root to create a calming, relaxing and subtly aromatic brew that is an ideal nightcap and de-stresser.

lattes, smoothies &

other beverages

tea lattes

rooibos vanilla

masala chai

rooibos chai

matcha green tea

milk tea

earl grey de la creme


berry blast

tropical splash

other beverages




hot chocolate

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