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What is Afternoon Tea ?

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Afternoon Tea is a tradition originating in the United Kingdom since the mid-19th century.

It was initally just a snack, but is enjoyed today as a ritual we choose to indulge in, to take a break from our busy lives and catch up with friends and family.


You could relax or celebrate, in comfortable surroundings with a warm ambience, ( think t-buds! :) to enjoy great food and amazing conversations & of course a great cup of tea! 

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as

Afternoon Tea.”
                                                                  Henry James








How did Afternoon Tea start?

Afternoon Tea was was first introduced by Lady Bedford, one of Queen Victoria's ladies in waiting. Since there was long gap between lunch & dinner, which was served fashionably late at 8 pm, she used to get peckish and requested a tray of tea, bread & butter and cake as a snack around 3 - 4 pm. 

She soon started inviting friends to join her and this pause for tea became a fashionable social event, to meet in the afternoon over a cup of tea, with dainty sandwiches, scones with jam & cream & petite desserts.


And so the tradition of Afternoon Tea was born!


Afternoon tea is also called ‘low tea’ since they were enjoyed on low tables with comfortable chairs and sofas in the drawing room.

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Is High Tea different to
Afternoon Tea?

From it's origins and practices, Yes, it is different!

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A 'High' kitchen table lending it's name to High Tea

High Tea was a meal enjoyed by the working class men & women after a long days work, which was typically after 5 pm and was enjoyed at the kitchen table (which was high) - hence the 'High' Tea. 

This was a nourishing heavy meal with pies, meats, potatoes, etc, and could not be more different from the dainty morsels of food enjoyed by the elite at Afternoon Tea.

But of course they had hot tea to accompany it-  tea drinking was a ritual embraced by all classes of people in Britain.

But the distinction seems to have blurred somewhat.
In Britain, 'Afternoon' Tea is the preferred term.
However, in hotels & in many other parts of the world,
'High Tea' is often being used to describe the Afternoon Tea service, probably since 'High' Tea
seems to convey a more elaborate prestigious meal.
But nothing could be further from the truth!

Why is Afternoon tea so popular in UK?

People in China were the first drinkers of tea, and they did so for hundreds for years before it was eventually discovered by European explorers. The Chinese thought tea to be both hugely beneficial for health and appropriate to use as a religious offering.

The custom of drinking tea was popularised among the royal & upper classes in England during the 1660s by King Charles II and his wife, the Portuguese Infanta Catherine de Braganza.

(Catherine grew up drinking tea, and brought her favourite drink with her to England).

Tea drinking soon became an essential part of British social life.


Tea parties and events were organized for all possible occasions,

including family teas, picnic teas, tennis teas and elegant afternoon teas.

The tea party was the very symbol of elegance and prosperity.

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Tea also has a ceremonial and social function in British culture which will look familiar to anyone from Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka and other major

tea producing & tea consuming countries.

The ritual of drinking tea provides a space for connecting with people.

However, it can also help one unwind and enjoy a cuppa in peace & solitude.

a space to connect

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What is served for an Afternoon Tea service?

At t-buds, the menu has been carefully designed 

to offer you a variety of options to choose from,

 to suit different appetites & at varying price points

The Classic Afternoon Tea

is the traditional option & the most popular

The Chocolate Afternoon Tea

has more chocolatey & dessert items included

The CreamTea

is favourite among many who are looking for

freshly baked scones with Jam & cream

to enjoy with their cup of tea.


The Savoury Cream Tea

add savoury finger sandwiches to the cream tea,

and you get the Savoury Cream Tea 

The Tiffin

is almost a mini Classic Afternoon Tea,

with a bit of all the elements!

Choose YOUR favourite!!

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