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Tea Sandwiches & Scones

Tea Sandwiches & Scones

An integral part of the traditional Afternoon Tea!

Tea/ Finger Sandwiches

Tea / Finger sandwiches

(please note: each tea sandwich is a quarter of a regular whole two-bread sandwich)

Dainty  2-bite crustless sandwiches with white & brown bread with delicious fillings, including traditional must-haves and gourmet choices.

  Usual serving is 6 sandwiches for  all the Afternoon Tea Services.

  Gluten-free options may be pre-ordered ( up to 48 hours notice) with an added charge. 

  Sandwiches may be pre-ordered for pick-up as a box of 6 sandwiches or multiples thereof.

  An  even mix of veg & non-veg. Please specify if all veg or mixed options preferred.


  • Thinly sliced cucumber & watercress with cream cheese & chives

  • Oven-roasted tomatoes and cheddar cheese with herbed mayo

  • Marinated beetroot & fresh carrot with basil pesto

  • Oven roasted aubergine with sundried tomato tapenade


  • Smoked salmon slices with cream cheese & dill

  • Lemony tuna and red pepper            *(dairy free )




  • Curried chicken with green apple slices and mango chutney

  • Roast beef with gravy & horseradish-dijon and arugula   *(dairy free)

  • Egg salad with alfalfa sprouts           *(dairy free)



(Fun fact: maybe pronounced, 'skɒn' which rhymes with 'swan' 

                                             or 'skoʊn which rhymes with "tone")

The classic cream scone is slightly sweet and topped with a fine sugar dusting.

Some of the variations from this classic scone have additions such as:

  • Fresh & dried blueberries and topped with chai-finishing sugar.

  • Dried cranberries & orange

  • Raspberry & white chocolate

  • Double chocolate

  • Strawberry & mint

  • Other seasonal variations 

The usual serving size is 2 scones per service, 1 classic and 1 with additions, served with jam and creme mascarpone, our homemade version of clotted cream.

The scone with additions will be the flavour of the day and different each day.

Scones may be purchased as a set of 2 scones with jam & cream or multiples thereof, subject to availability.

Order a box of 6 scones ( 3 classic & 3 with additions, with jam & cream)

Please pre-order for larger quantities / or for specific types of scones


Assorted mini desserts from

*shortbread tarts with lemon curd / meringue 

*chocolate shortbread tart / coffee cream

*white chocolate rose truffle/ raspberry

*nanaimo bars 


Subject to availability. Please check for other options.

Petit Fours

A 'petit four' is a small bite-sized confectionery.

Fun fact: The name is French, petit four, meaning "small oven".

Please pre-order for larger quantities / or for specific types of petit fours

Are you looking for the afternoon tea experience?

We feature a large selection of tea products to choose from and gourmet sandwiches, fresh scones and delicious petit desserts.

We offer a delicious array of desserts and petit fours, that complement our finely tuned pairings of tea and food.

If you want brunch in only the way tea-buds can provide, stop by for an experience unlike any other.

We feature an afternoon-tea inspired brunch called the before-noon tea at our location, that re-imagines brunch by blending the best of our unique afternoon tea items with more conventional brunch items.

We cater for special events and gatherings to bring this experience to your homes or a place of your choosing!

We also provide a weekend delivery service for the individually packed Afternoon tea boxes for you to enjoy at home.

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