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Tbuds 3-tier & tea
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a space to connect

Welcome to t-buds, a warm and inviting  space, 'a hidden gem' in uptown Toronto,

where we invite our guests to connect over a warm cup of tea and the calming rituals it entails.

To celebrate and enjoy a modern take on the traditional Afternoon tea.


At t-buds, we aim to unify our guest’s cultures and spirits with the age-old custom of having tea and expressing passion and generosity in the tastes we share.

t-buds is a space to connect

with Friends, with Family & with Yourself

A favourite spot for bridal & baby shower events!

Tea Estate
Our passion

We offer a range of fine selected teas with exquisite blends from the best tea gardens in the world.

Tea is a treasure of the world, and we are dedicated to bring to you an authentic experience in drinking tea and making it a lifestyle. 

t- buds is an alternative to the bar and coffee houses and our vision is to create a space for discovering taste and rejuvenating your senses.


We want to make tea an intimate experience and infuse you with a sense of well-being and peace. You may also buy loose leaf tea online to enjoy in your home or workplace.

Our aspirations

The fine art of pairing tea with food is to enhance the taste of both the dish & the beverage, so you know you've found the best combination when the flavour and the strength of the chosen recipe is well complemented and accentuated by the aroma of the chosen tea, and vice versa.

Our aim is to awaken your taste with our selection of teas from around the world and to refresh your senses through our lounge experience.


Experience different tea-food pairings and discover the pleasures of tea & taste.

Our high tea sandwiches & scones pair beautifully with a wide selection of loose leaf teas.

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Tea cup & pot



Lychee Rose



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