Choose from raspberry with white chocolate & double chocolate scones or a combination of the 2!


6-scone box:

  • 6 raspberry and white chocolate scones + Raspberry jam 75 g paired with 25g of tea (rooibos choco mint buds tea)
  • 6 double chocolate scones + Raspberry jam 75 g paired with 25g of tea ( black vanilla buds )


8-scone box:

4 scones of raspberry white choc & 4 double choc scones + Raspberry jam 100 g + 25g of tea ( rooibos choco mint buds tea 25 g of and 25g black vanilla buds)

Chocolate t-scone box

  • Warm the scones in a toaster oven or preheated conventional oven at 350'F for about 5 minutes. Microwave not recommended.

  • Please note that the gift box may be picked up in-store. If you wish to have it on a specific day, please add a note, and we will be glad to have it ready for pick up during opening hours.

    If the item is to be shipped, it will be on the following Tuesday or Wednesday so that it is delivered before the weekend.